Wednesday, January 19, 2011

live is not easy hah!

since i went to the college this semester, it seems like i do really have a lot of problems. first, of course i have financial problem. no money!! really hope allowance come out ASAP!
then, here it come.. ousmate probs. well, i dont think i have problem with all of them.. absolutely NOT!! but, i think less of communicate and respecting each others are the reasons that makes me want to find another ousmate. so, after i told them 2 come out ( not halau), i heard a lot of rumors spread around TESL block. hahaha..watever lah. n one of my ousmate used 2 jeling2 me whenever she see me. *dun care*.
then, a probs with a stupid person from IPG perlis that make a fake profile 2 humiliate me with all the makian cacian watever, makes me lost my temper. finally i realise, why should i quarrel with stupid person? thats funny, man!

so, whatever it is, whatever really happened, i'm stay cool. pray to GOD 2 seek HIS bless and do pray to these persons so that they can c the truth.

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